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Best Practices Start With Opti-Tread®

Auto Service Centers, Dealerships, Tire Stores and other service oriented businesses are using the Opti-Tread® Tire Audit System as the first big step in building trust with their customers. By investing one minute using Opti-Tread® in the drive-up service lane or out in the parking lot users gain valuable insight into a customer's tire and underbody health.

Establish the first bond of trust with your customer. Establish it with no pressure, no push, just a simple "Thank you for coming to see us." This is a courtesy step, done at no charge.

Use Opti-Tread® to perform a one minute, walk-around inspection on the vehicle, measure the tires automatically and walk back to the counter. Opti-Tread® produces a clean, clear and simple Tire Audit ReportOpti-Tread® Tire Audit Report for the customer.

Opti-Tread® Tire Audit Report

Why is this patent-pending report so valuable as a closing tool?

  • Because it is clear and simple, the customer grasps it.
  • The customer is not talked at or talked down to, the customer listens to it.
  • The customer is relaxed and in command, they want to solve the problem.

Why is this so valuable as a diagnostic tool?

  • Because it reveals things your best mechanics overlook.
  • Since it's easy and fast, it can be used for each customer that comes in.

Where do best practices and effective closing tools lead?

  • Garages see immediate revenue increases.
  • It's common to see 100% payback in one week or less.
  • Even small shops generally regain the full purchase price of the system before the end of their first month.
Kwik-Check Probe and Opti-Tread® Scanner

What exactly is Opti-Tread®?

The Opti-Tread® Diagnostic Tool for Tire Tread Depth and Vehicle Safety is a new hardware and software solution used at the Customer Service desk in a variety of shops serving consumer vehicles. It produces a unique one-page Tire Audit Report clearly depicting the condition of tires on a customer's vehicle.

The system consists of a compact but powerful data collection unit and a wireless tread depth measurement device. Both are models of simplicity. It takes only minutes to train sales people to use it accurately, every time. You move from tire to tire, taking tread depth measurements. The data collection unit then sends these wirelessly to our desktop software on your computer. The Tire Audit ReportOpti-Tread® Tire Audit Report prints out automatically. The report helps customers understand the reasons behind recommendations made by shop personnel. They can also confirm for themselves the necessity of additional services which goes a long way toward converting potential walk-outs into long term customers.

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