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Improve Post Warranty Customer Retention

Customers love you during the new car warranty period. They come back like clockwork. You love doing their service work. An opportunity to upsell.

What happens when the new car smell wears off? When the warranties expire? When the hoses start to go, the belts crack, and tires have run their course? Now's the time to take advantage of additional high margin services and tire sales. Find out how Opti-Tread® is helping dealerships, like yours, bring them back, as loyal customers, after the warranty expires.


Auto Service Centers:

Make Empty Bays, Busy Bays

Some shops sit on lonely roads where they don't have much traffic. Some shops were purchased from a previous owner who had lost interest in the business. Whatever the reason, some just sit too empty too often. These shops urgently need a higher volume of medium-sized sales.

Some advisors in the tire and service industry take a hard line on the 'Path to Profitability'. "Wring the most out of your 35 point inspection. Sell prospects on big repair orders, and you will prosper. You don't need the ones that walk away."

Fortunately, there is a tried and true, 'best practices' way to turn things around and achieve more vehicle throughput and profitability all the time growing your long-term business.


Tire Stores:

Achieve Higher Closing Rates

Did you know that almost all shops are leaving money on the table? But one simple adjustment can help you close more sales and grab that money.