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Opti-Tread® Is About Trust

Opti-Tread® Scanner and Kwik-Check Probe

Opti-Tread® is a simple tool designed for a simple purpose. To help car owners understand their own vehicle and trust the recommendations of the tire technicians at the shops who have it.

The fundamental problem

People don't trust salesmen, and they don't trust mechanics. This isn't the fault of the mechanic or the shop. It's a natural result of people trying not to be taken advantage of. Unfortunately this can lead to dangerous situations for drivers that put off important maintenance and certainly results in shops losing sales on things the consumer really needs.

So how do we help?

Opti-Tread® removes the adversarial nature of the salesmen/customer relationship by taking electronic measurements for tread depth and tire pressure, then producing a graphical Tire Audit Report just for the customer to help them see at a glance exactly the situation with their tires, alignment, and suspension. Since Opti-Tread® is a third party tool and produces the report automatically consumers implicitly trust it. It's a way for the shop to put everything right in the customers hand and let them see for themselves. They no longer have to take the technicians word for it.

This leads to customer who feel more comfortable authorizing services and purchases immediately rather than needing time to think or get a second opinion. They trust the report. They trust the business. They make the decision now.

Listen to what was recently reported to us:

"The owner called me. He was really happy with his new tool. Very satisfied. Opti-Tread® is working great for them. Now they start off every customer with an Opti-Tread® inspection, first thing. They go out and inspect the tires. It's as fast as I told him. One minute. Then he told me what it did this morning. Opti-Tread® showed a problem with the rear axle they would have never known about. The labor was about $500, the whole job about $900. The car drove great, and the owner said the customer was happy he came in. Then he told me his other shops want it. This owner is getting one for every service writer in every one of his stores."

Then this from one of our newest customers:

"We installed Opti-Tread® on Wednesday. That first week the tool sold over $1800 in services and tires. It may have helped my guys sell other jobs, but this $1800 was all due to Opti-Tread®. Another thing. The tool changes how my mechanics look at tires. I hire good mechanics, but they have been doing the same thing for years. They can be inconsistent. Each has habits. This changes their habits. It opens their eyes. They are seeing things they had overlooked before. I am really impressed. Since then we've closed even more business. Opti-Tread® is really working for us."

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